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Creating An Account

To create an YuVie account and open the App:

  1. Download the mobile YuVie app from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android).

  2. Once the app is installed on your smartphone, navigate to YuVie.com on a web-browser.

  3. On YuVie.com, click “plans” and select the subscription plan that is right for you. 

  4. Use a recognized email address to set up your account and follow the instructional prompts to create a username and password. Have a credit card on hand to fill in the payment parameters of your subscription. 

  5. After setting up your YuVie account online, open the YuVie mobile app and login using the same credentials you created when setting up you account on YuVie.com

Note: If you sign up with email, make sure you enter your email address correctly and choose an email address that only you can access. If you log out and forget your password, you'll need to be able to access your email to get back into your YuVie account.


Creating A Video

To create a YuVie video by either uploading video content to the YuVie app, or by recording new video footage in-app, first tap the “create” button on the YuVie app’s bottom navigation bar:

  • Select the branded video template you would like to create a YuVie video with, or to upload a video from your camera roll to place within. 

  • To upload a video from your phone's library, tap “Import” at the bottom right hand corned of the camera view screen. Tap on “Select Video”. Then select content from either your Camera Roll or from an API connection. 

  • Imported content must be trimmed to 30 seconds. For videos over 30 seconds in length, use your smartphone’s operating system video trimmer to select the 30 second clip to import and make a YuVie with.

  • To record a new video, tap “Start” on the camera view screen. You have up to 30 seconds to record any video content. A countdown reveals how much time you have remaining while recording your footage. 

  • You can tap “Selfie” to switch between front and back facing cameras.

  • To create an image slideshow video, tap “Import” at the bottom right hand corned of the camera view screen. Tap on “Select Images”. Then select content from either your Camera Roll or from an API connection.

  • You can select up to 5 images to create a slideshow from. 

  • Selecting between “Manual” and “Auto” determines whether the images automatically transition between one another, or whether you opt to manually select when images transition between one other over the course of the video slideshow.

Note: Keep in mind that the maximum video length is 30 seconds. Once you've recorded or uploaded a video, you can add text overlays, adjust the audio volume and share the YuVie content to social platforms online.

Note: You can't take or upload videos from a desktop computer.


Posting A Video

To Post A YuVie Video, First Select “Profile” from the bottom navigation bar on the app. 

  1. Select the content card of the YuVie video you with to post.


  2. Tap “Share” on the content card.

  3. Select the destination to share your YuVie video to; Email, Text, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Copy Link.

Note: To share a YuVie to Instagram, SnapChat, YouTube and other online networks, first select “Instagram” on the Share Menu. Selecting “Instagram” will automatically download the YuVie content to your camera roll, from which  you can upload the YuVie video to any online destination.  

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Saving to Camera Roll

You can save YuVie content to your camera roll by selecting to share content to “Instagram”. This represents one of YuVie’s usability hacks. 

Because closed social networks including Instagram and SnapChat prevent connections to 3rd party apps, directly sharing content from YuVie to either social network is not possible.

Therefore, we have designed YuVie such that when “Instagram” is selected on the sharing menu, YuVie content is directly downloaded from our YuVie servers to your smartphone’s camera roll. 

From your camera roll, you can save the YuVie content and/or share it to social platforms including; Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, etc… 


Deleting A Video

To delete a YuVie video you have created, select “Profile”. 

  1. Select the content card of the YuVie video you would like to delete. 

  2. Select the “Delete” button on the content card, and tap confirm to delete the content. 

  3. You can also delete YuVie videos form the Activity Feed. Tap on the 3 vertical dots icon on the lower left hand side of the content cards, and select “Delete”.

Note: Keep in mind that when you delete a YuVie video from the app, the content is deleted from our YuVie servers, and any links distributed online to the YuVie video become broken.  

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Searching on YuVie

To search for anything on YuVie, tap and enter a search in the search bar at the top of the screen. You can choose to search for People, Videos.

The search results you see are based on a variety of factors, including the people you follow, who you’re connected to and what content has been created on your YuVie account.

Note: You can search people by their name or username. 


Tracking Engagement

To track the engagement your YuVie videos receive online, select “Stats” on the YuVie App. 

  1. The number of YuVies created and shared to each social platform is listed on the left hand side of the screen. 

  2. The number of views the YuVie content receives per platform online, is listed on the right hand side of the screen. 

  3. We define engagement as views of and social interactions attached to YuVie videos. 

Note: More robust and granular analytics on shared YuVie videos is provided on the YuVie Customer Dashboard. A web-based platform - soon to be deployed - that links to the mobile YuVie App.  

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